Large Bronze Limousin Bull by Andrew Edmonds
Stunning Large Bronze Limousin Bull - 'Bob the Bull' NOW AVAILABLE - No.2 - October 2014 The detail in the movement and anatomy is exceptional as you would expect from this Sculptor.Needs to be seen from all angles. Signed Limited Edition. Length ......

Victoria Gallery - Lindsey Knapp

Sporting Art for the Discerning c1870 - Present

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I have many lovely pieces waiting to be added
and they are very suitable as Christmas Presents!!!

I specialise in Swaine, Swaine-Brigg and Swaine & Adeney Vintage goods.
I hadn't realised how many unusual items I have.
Please contact me for further details on these luxury vintage pieces
or if you have something to sell.

Kohler, Swaine & Adeney & Banded Named Horns

Original and rare works in the UK by CECIL ALDIN (1870-1935)
My Gallery is one of less than a handful in the UK specialising in Cecil Aldin original works.

Particularly famous today for his Dogs, Horses & Hunting.
I stock his Originals, Ivorenes, Etchings, Prints, Memorabilia, Pottery and Books.
NO modern reproductions!
I also buy his Originals and Etchings.
Viewing is by appointment only please

ARTISTS : Cecil Aldin, Herbert Dicksee, Sir Alfred Munnings, Snaffles, Basil Nightingale, Lionel Edwards, Maud Earl, Arthur Wardle & their Contemporaries

Antique and Contemporary Bronze Sculptures including The Waterloo Cup 2005,
Austrian cold painted bronzes, Books, Collectibles, Ephemera and Memorabilia. Antique Gold & Silver Sporting Jewellery Gold hunting stock & stick pins. Reverse Intaglio & Essex crystal, Silver Menu Holders.
Vintage and New Hunting Horns by Kohler, Swaine & Adeney, Henry Keat etc.
Hunting Whips by Swaine, Zair, etc.
Bespoke Leather hunting appointment holders. Associated books.

China and Pottery in particular by Cecil Aldin (Royal Doulton & Burslem)
including Royal Worcester Highly collectible Sculptor Doris Lindner and others


A: Up to £800.00 B: £801 - £2000 C: £2001 - £4000 D: £4001 - £8,000 E: £8001 - £12,000
F: £12001 +

  • Diamond Solitaire Ring Antique Collection of Silver etc. c1880 onwards SA21. Swaine & Adeney Oak 5-barred Gate Whip Holder c1932. RARE - ROYAL WORCESTER - HUNTSMAN & HOUNDS After Pierre-Jules Mene - Gilt Bronze Pair of Setters Late 19th-early 20thC.
  • SA7. Finest Hunting Whips c1890 - 1960 18ct Gold & Diamond Galloping Horse Brooch Gilt Bronze Greyhound from Collector SA16. Swaine & Adeney Hand Carved Hunting Appointments Holder Large Thoroughbred Bronze Head  of 'KESTREL' by Belinda Sillars
  • Victorian Oil on Canvas. 'The Grange.' Borrowdale. KS22. Kohler - 'Huntsman's' Hunting Horn FINE VINTAGE GOLD RUNNING FOX & FRENCH BRADOON BRACELET Essex Crystal by Marcus & Co. Foxhunting 'MICKY' Cecil Aldin's favourite Wolfhound
  • Fine Oil on Canvas by Thomas Percy Earl SA4. Finest Kohler Horn, Bespoke Flask & Swaine Hunting Whip Late 19thC Gilt Bronze Seated Greyhound Rare Austrian Painted Bronze HARE Letter Holder c1880 VICTORIAN 15ct GOLD & PLATINUM RUNNING FOX ON HUNTING WHIP

Victoria Gallery is proud to be associated with the following eminent Artists & Sculptors.

Some of our best sporting artists today are - Irish artist Peter Curling
and Daniel Crane originals & prints.
The well-known and highly successful Cheshire Artist and Photographer
Sarah Clegg
Professional Cheshire Photographer John Minoprio - who has photographed both in the UK and Internationally 'le creme de le creme!' See under Artists. Commissions available.


Some of our finest eminent sculptors of today including:
Alan Glasby O.B.E, G.M. 1945-2008 and his son Andrew Glasby

Fine Cattle Sculptor - Andrew Edmonds - Norfolk

Jonathan Knight when available
Belinda Sillars - Award winning International Equestrian & Wildlife Sculptor.
Michael Simpson - Paul Jenkins - Steve Langford
and other fine animal sculptors.
I am a stockist and agent for RICHARD COOPER & COMPANY Bronzes.
and stock many Michael Simpson limited edition sculptures.

When available JOHN WILLIS GOOD 1849-1879

Today I feel the emphasis is to source the unusual. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask, as some items never reach my website and are for private viewing only! Gone are the days of being afraid to ask for information in hushed tones! Enjoy perusing the wide range of interests and items.

Please always call for an appointment first.
You are guaranteed a warm welcome and refreshments and NO pressure to buy anything!

I am always looking for quality and unusual items to purchase