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Cecil Aldin Prints Originals and Books | Victoria Gallery

Original oil on canvas 'Snow Patrol' by Frederick Hayward
Exceptional Original by Frederick Haycock title 'Snow Patrol' Signed oil on canvas. The detail is exquisite. Finest detail and movement. Image 28" x 24" in a wide swept frame. A serious painting to grace the very best of homes. Further images ava......

Victoria Gallery - Lindsey Knapp

Sporting Art for the Discerning c1870 - Present

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Kohler and Early Swaine and Adeney Hunting Horns
included Banded

My Gallery specialises in Kohler, Swaine-Brigg and Vintage Swaine Adeney Brigg Hunting Horns, Whips and other fine Hunting Goods, Memorabilia, Hunting Appointment Holders and New HENRY KEAT hunting horns.

I also stock the invaluable reference book 'IN GOOD HANDS' describing the history of Swaine Adeney Brigg over the last 250 years, and it features some of my Hunting Goods.

Author/Archivist Katherine Prior signed copies available - please contact me for further information.

Original and Rare works by CECIL CHARLES WINDSOR ALDIN (1870-1935)
My Gallery is one of less than a handful in the UK today specialising in His works. Particularly famous today for his Dogs, Horses & Hunting.

I stock his Originals, Ivorenes, Etchings, Prints, Memorabilia, Pottery and Books.
NO modern reproductions!

I also buy some of his Originals and Etchings.

- Please see above under that category, but including : Cecil Aldin, Herbert Dicksee, Sir Alfred Munnings, Snaffles, Basil Nightingale, Lionel Edwards, Maud Earl
& their Contemporaries.

Malcolm Coward. Frederick Haycock.

Also Contemporary Artists including Bronze Sculptors.
Please See 'Artists' as above and underneath 'Sculptors.'
eg. Philip Blacker. Juliet Cursham. Judy Boyt. Andrew Edmonds. Alan Glasby. Steve Boss. Steve Langford and more...

Antique and Contemporary Bronze Sculptures including The Waterloo Cup 2005,
Austrian cold painted bronzes, Books, Collectibles, Ephemera and Memorabilia. Antique Gold & Silver Sporting Jewellery Gold hunting stock & stick pins. Reverse Intaglio & Essex crystal, Silver Menu Holders.

China and Pottery specialising in Royal Worcester, Doris Lindner, Royal Doulton - Cecil Aldin. Royale Stratford and more...

  • Otterhounds etching by G Vernon Stokes Foxhounds etching by G Vernon Stokes Juliet Cursham Bronze - Red Cocker Spaniel Debbie Dunbar - 'Vintage Accommodation' Juliet Cursham Bronze  - Offside Tail Shot - Polo Player (2)
  • Victorian Diamond, Gold & Platinum Fox Mask Cufflinks Maud Earl - Antique Print Cairn Terriers Juliet Cursham - Bronze 'Favourite Hound' (2) Malcolm Coward - Original Oil on Canvas - Foxhounds Judy Boyt - 'Double Echo'  Racehorse
  • Alan Glasby - Bronze Life-size Woodcock on Leaves Steve Boss - Bronze Blackbird Rare Pair 'The Check' & 'Gone Away' by Cecil Aldin (1) Juliet Cursham - Bronze Point-to-Pointer 'Down to the Start' (2) Sarah Clegg - Three Game Chicks  - oil on Gesso panels & 23.5ct gold
  • Swaine & Adeney Silver mp & f Presentation Beagling Hunting Horn 1923 Philip Blacker - New Bronze Greyhound Malcolm Coward - 'Off to Supper' Original RARE Herbert Dicksee Signed Etching 'A Scottish Deerhound' 1924 Snaffles - Mark Flowers - Being A Selection of his Hunting and Racing Prints (1) Malcolm Coward Original of Foxhounds 'Evensong' RARE 'Every Dog has his Day' by Cecil Aldin Comyns Silver & Gilt Fox Mask Stirrup Cup Malcolm Coward Original Watercolour of a Fox 'Trotting Along' Vintage Swaine & Adeney Gents Hunting Whip complete

A: Up to £300.00. B: £301-600. C: £601-1000. D: £1001-1,800. E: £1,801-2,500. F: £2,501-4,000. G: £4,001-8,000. H: £8,001-11,000. J: £11,001-15,000. K: £15,001-20,000.
L: By request