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Daniel Crane

Daniel was appointed Resident Artist to The Household Cavalry 2011/12. Since that time he has been commissioned to paint one of the most famous horses in the world. His talent would appear to be without boundaries. Definitely an artist to follow!

One of the country’s leading sporting artists today, Daniel Crane was born in Norfolk in 1969. As the youngest son of a farming family he has always been surrounded by animals and the countryside and has grown up with a respect and love for both. From an early age he always had a keen interest in field sports, but in his late teens he was gripped by foxhunting with such a passion, that this sport has become such a major part of his life where he has held the position of amateur whipper-in to Master & Field Master. Daniel, as a consequence understands all aspects of hunting from “kennels to covertside”, and this knowledge is so evident in his paintings today which embrace wholly his passion for hunting, horses and hounds. Daniel has hunted with numerous packs across the country, and often a travelling exhibition will accompany him. These sporting tours of the old tradition have also taken him regularly hunting in Ireland, a place which holds much in his heart; and also to USA.

Daniel has held a number of exhibitions in London, and he still enjoys the direct approach of exhibiting at the main Horse Trials and at private views where he can discuss the seasons past, present & future with fellow sportsmen. Daniel has been extremely active in the fight for foxhunting, and over the years has donated numerous paintings to many individual hunts, the Countryside Alliance and the HSBS, and will continue so to do. But his passions don’t just stop at hunting, Daniel is also a racing enthusiast, and more majestic paintings of the finest thoroughbreds, from the old-fashioned chaser type to fleet on the flat, are becoming more apparent amongst Daniel’s portfolio, this is an area of great and exciting development, and these works, particularly in oil, are becoming highly sought after. Daniel studied Art formally at the Lincoln College of Art & Design, but feels with every painting completed there is a new discovery and thus his learning process remains dynamic. Daniel’s early work was mainly cartoon and caricature, his renowned sense of humour coming to the forefront.

Today his work has developed into fine sporting scenes in both oil & watercolour, and he has been described by the experts as, “the most exciting sporting artist of our time”. Daniel has completed many prestigious commissions, but is fiercely protective of his clients’ confidentiality, saying only that there are many collectors worldwide, from Masters of Hounds to a smattering of Royalty. Daniel now lives at home in Lincolnshire with his wife, Ali, their dogs, and perhaps the most painted group of hunters in all England!

Victoria Gallery is based in the heart of The Cheshire ‘Untin Country. I stock Daniel’s work, but if you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact me.

He is also available for commissions.