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Tom Mackie, (Sculptor)

Tom Mackie (Scottish)

Tom was born in Edinburgh in 1939 and attended Leith Academy. He then served a 5 year apprenticeship, qualifying as a Master mould-maker with A.W. Buchan. Tom has lived in the Scottish Highlands since 1968 and now lives within the Cairngorm National Park – where he has been able to study the Red Deer which he loves sculpting. He has made models since he was 5 years old and it is his love of wildlife that inspired him to make sculptures professionally.

As well as sculpting the wildlife of many countries, he has also modelled a wide range of subjects, from sport and countryside figures to almost every breed of dog.

Tom has also sculpted the Bronze Glencoe Eagle- which is on a rock overlooking the Dam near to Fort Augustus. The Eagle has a wing span of 12 feet and the rock to which it’s fixed is approximately 2,500 feet up. The Eagle looks magnificent and is in a wonderful setting.

A commission that Tom was given, was for a sculpture of Sir Chris Hoy. This was presented to him in 2009 by the Scottish Cycling Union – in recognition of his achievements in the Olympics and his many achievements in his cycling career.

A Wild Boar, cast in bronze, was commissioned by the A.R.R.C. to celebrate the 50 years that they had been in Germany. It is now at their home base in Gloucester. Miniatures were also cast.

Having the skill and knowledge to produce ceramics Tom has also made his own sculptures in Porcelain and has tutored in training centres and demonstrated in the U.S.A. He has a natural talent and has developed his own special techniques for modelling sculptures which are incredibly detailed and lifelike. It is his attention to detail and the ability to capture the characteristics of each subject that gives his sculptures such wonderful action and makes them unique.