Bronze Sculptures

I have a strong passion for Bronze Sculptures! In particular by some of our best Sculptors both in the past and today.

Personally I look for movement and fine and correct detail.

These qualities can be found in the following bronze Sculptures:

Judy Boyt MA.FRSS. Horses including Point-to-Pointers, Polo ponies, Racehorses, Dogs. The list is endless.
Philip Blacker - Horses, Racehorses and Greyhounds. Yeats, Frankel, Flanders Field etc.
Juliet Cursham SEA., Horses, Racehorses, Polo Ponies, Dogs etc
Tom Mackie. (Scottish) Wildlife. Otters. Stags. Fish.
Andrew Edmonds. Norfolk. Limousin Bull 'Bob.' Dairy cows. Newborn Calf. German shorthaired Pointer.
Andre Bawol. Life size Pheasant
Belinda Sillars. SEA. Horses, Show horses, Hunters, Hounds, Dogs, Greyhounds
Steve Boss. Emperor Penguin Family 'Waddle.' Swans. Hares. Poppies - Flanders Field. Kingfisher 'Fall.' Wrens. Miniature Elephant, Hippo & Rhino with young.
Steve Langford. Robin. Elephant & Calf. Miniature Wren.

M Tahir. 2005 Waterloo Cup Coursing Sculpture.

If Bronze Sculptures are also a passion of yours, please feel welcome to contact me if you are looking for anything in particular.