Judy Boyt - The Yawn - Polo (2) Image 1

Judy Boyt - The Yawn - Polo (2) (Judy Boyt MA. FRSS (Sculptor))

Stunning Polo pony by Judy Boyt titled 'The Yawn'

Very special! Completely true to life.
Polo pony in the lines awaiting the next match - Yawning as they do!

Foundry marks. Signed by Sculptor.
Beautiful condition.

Exceptional fine detail missing nothing. eg. bandaged in front, booted behind. Chain onto leather lead, andtethered to rail. Bandage lying on floor. Typical polo headcollar. Tail 'banged up' ready for action. Green turf.

Length 26cm. Height 17cm. Length 26cm.

Further images available - worth seeing!

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