Signed Foxhound Watercolour 1938 by Augusta Guest Image 1

Signed Foxhound Watercolour 1938 by Augusta Guest

Original Watercolour by Augusta Guest of a Foxhound. Titled "11 AM"

Signed and monogrammed 1938

Delightful hound study with interesting provenance below.

Frame height: 12 1/2" x width 10 1/2"
Image 7 1/2" x 5". Cut out title and signature below.

Further images available.

PRICE: £245.00

I believe the following to relate to the artist 'Augusta Guest'

Major Hilton-Green went on to become a huntsman and enjoyed a career that spanned a period of some fifty years. During the course of his lifetime he hunted nine packs of foxhounds and two packs of beagles.
His life as a huntsman began at the Eton and Christchurch Beagles. After the First World War, in which he was badly wounded, he took on the Mendip Harriers with H. A. Tiarks. Almost at once, it became a foxhound pack - thanks to a gift of some hounds presented to them by the 9th. Duke of Beaufort who believed in Major Hilton-Green's potential as a huntsman.

Three seasons with the Mendip were followed by five seasons with the North Cotswold and then two with the Meynell which latter he handed over to the famous breeder of hounds, Sir Peter Farquar.

In 1929, Major Hilton-Green had married Lady Dorothy (Alice Margaret Augusta) Grosvenor, daughter of Lord (Henry George) Grosvenor and Dora Mina Wemyss - but the marriage (her third of four marriages) ended in divorce in 1938. She married again in 1939.

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