'THE KING WATCHES' (Herbert Dicksee)

HERBERT DICKSEE 1862-1942. After the earlier oil painting by Rosa Bonheur 1887.


Please study the detail. Beautiful.

Framed signed artist's proof etching on vellum (350). Blindstamped LH 1910 Lefevre, London. 10 guineas each. No other prints published.

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An English painter who specialised in oil paintings of dogs, particularly the deerhound. Prints and etchings of his best-known paintings were widely distributed in his lifetime, and his work is still verypopular amongst collectors and dog enthusiasts today.Dicksee belonged to an illustrious artistic family. His father was the artist John Dicksee (1817-1905). John's brother Thomas (1819-1895), also a painter, was the father of Sir Frank Dicksee (1853-1928), President of the Royal Academy from 1924 until his death. (Herbert, meanwhile, had one sister, whose name was Amy.) Dicksee studied art at the Slade School, London, on a scholarship. His first painting was exhibited in 1881. Dicksee specialised in sympathetic paintings of hounds, such as "After Chevy Chase" and "Silent Sympathy", but he also painted big cats at the London Zoo, of which he was a Fellow. His paintings were usually done from life; he kept numerous dogs as pets. Those pets featured in his etchings included a bloodhound, a French bulldog named "Shaver", and several pugs and bull terriers.Many of Dicksee's works, especially those painted during the war years of 1914-1918, depict the dogs accompanying melancholy young ladies. His most frequent model was the actress Gladys Cooper.The artist married Ella Crump in 1896, and they had two children, Maurice (who was killed in World War I) and Dorothy (who also studied art). Herbert Dicksee died in 1942 in Hampstead. His daughter Dorothy was the executor of his will, which directed her to destroy most of the plates for Dicksee's etchings.*** IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR HERBERT DICKSEE WORK AND CANNOT SEE IT HERE, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO CALL US - WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO OBTAIN IT FOR YOU! ***

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