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Antique Silver ‘Princess of Wales’s XVIII Hussars’ Hunting Engagements Frame

Unique Antique Silver & Enamel ‘Princess of Wales’s XVIII Hussars ‘Hunting Engagements’ Frame in the form of an easel.

Underneath “Presented to the Officers of The XVIII (Princess of Wales) Hussars by Lieut. Sopper. FebY. 1904.”

Engraved: Pro Rege Pro Lege Pro Patria Conamur 

Fully hallmarked Chester 1903.  Stoke & Ireland Ld. (William Henry Stokes & Arthur George. Ireland. S.I.Ld.
Motif at the top in silver and blue enamel. The stand and frame are both hallmarked.

Retailers: Pearce & Sons. York verso. Fully hallmarked verso.

Weight 142g. Height 11″ x 6 1/4″

Filled Royal blue shot silk to match Her Majesty’s motto so that can be used for a photograph or hunting card or left empty.