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Cecil Aldin – ‘A Dog Day’ – ‘Puppy Dog Tales’ – ‘The Rascal’


1.’A Dog Day’ by Walter Emanuel and illustrated by Cecil Aldin. New dust jacket. First published 1902 and reprinted 15 times by 1950! This has stood the test of time and is popular with children and adults alike. This was published in 2004.PRICE: £10.00 plus postage

2.’Puppy Dog Tales’ told by Roy Heron and illustrated by Cecil Aldin. New dust jacket. Published 2002. A delightful story about mischievous puppies. This has joined the other great classics by Cecil Aldin..PRICE: £10.00 plus postage

3. ‘The Rascal’ pictured by Cecil Aldin and edited by Roy Heron. New in dust jacket. Published 2009 Souvenir press. Delightful story taken from the extremely popular and well-known ‘A Gay Dog’ in 1905. PRICE: £10.00 plus postage.

The best possible stocking fillers and not just for children!! Please check for availability.