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Swaine & Maxwell Ladies & Gents Hunting Whips Season 2020-21

  • Finest Collection of  Swaine and Maxwell Hunting Whips

Left to right:
1. Gents heavy duty leather and nylon hunting whip. Twin nickel collars. SOLD.
2. Stunning MAXWELL Gents hunting whip. SOLD.
3. Fine Swaine Gents hunting whip. Baleen & silver collar. Complete with thong & lash. £245.00.
4. Excellent Swaine Ladies hunting whip. Twin silver collars. £275.00.
5. Swaine Gents or Ladies hunting whip. Silver collar. £175.00.
6. Swaine Ladies hunting whip. SOLD.
7. Swaine Ladies hunting whip. Nickel collar. As new. £120.00.
8. Leather covered cane. As new. £65.00.

Please contact me for further details. All in very good condition.