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Victoria Gallery specialises in Sporting Art Prints c1870 to the present day (Contemporary)

Antique prints will have been published more than 100 years ago. There are many types of prints, engraving and etchings.

GENERAL INFORMATION which I hope you will find useful.

Some prints will be ‘open’ editions which means that they are not numbered or pencil signed by the Artist. The number produced will be more than the ‘signed prints.’ Numbers can vary considerably.
Frequently signed ‘in the plate’ or ‘stone.’ This is not the same as being signed by the Artist and in the plate which tends to add value to the print.

However, today most will be signed limited edition prints. The Artist will sign traditionally in pencil, which cannot be reproduced by technology, and lasts a considerable time if well cared for. In addition, the signed limited edition print (SLE) will show the Artist’s signature including the number of prints in the edition with its own number. eg. 10/195
Generally speaking, the higher the edition, the more affordable. The smaller the addition, can be more valuable. Signatures tend to add value to most prints. In some cases considerably so.

VALUES largely dependent upon how good the artist is or was!

CONDITION is everything!
Very good colours and condition are vital to the Collector. Tears, scratches, flaws and worm holes are unacceptable and can render the print valueless. Frames can always be changed, but prints cannot/must not be touched up.

I highly recommend protection from UVA light in the form of either ‘clarity glass’ or ‘conservation glass.’ In some circumstances ‘museum glass’ will need to be fitted. All of these are simply to protect the print from fading and help to retain the value. Obvious fading is a ‘no no!’ Once faded there is nothing you can do to return it to its original colours.
These specialist glasses are well worth the extra cost, which does not have to be extortionate!

I hope you find these tips helpful. Any further questions regarding my pictures, please feel very welcome to contact me.

Thank you.
Mrs Lindsey Knapp – Victoria Gallery